In theory there is no limit, but to remain cost effective, we generally say a maximum of 6 metres high to eaves and a clear span width of no more than 20 metres. The buildings can be any length.

Quicker lead times, quicker build, often less foundation required, no heavy plant on site during the build, so less disruption, precision engineered offsite, so no welding or wet trades on site, a more attractive finished look and very cost effective.

It’s very fast. Obviously it depends on the size and complexity of the building, but we are often on site no more than 2-3 weeks.

Typically around 6 weeks, allowing for frame calculations, ordering of materials and precision fabrication of the frame.

No, we work on staged payments throughout the process, to coincide with major milestones in the design, ordering, arrival of materials on site and the build itself.

We can be extremely flexible. From supply only of a frame, through supply only of the whole building, to support on site. Or of course we can design, supply and construct the building and handover the keys! We fit in with your requirements.

We can supply and fit doors, including electric and manual overhead or roller shutter doors, windows, all flashings, fixings, guttering, downpipes etc. The whole lot!

Again, we are able to provide a full turnkey package. However, it is often far more cost effective for most clients to buy in these services locally. Having said that, we often design the pad for the ground work contractor to install, to ensure a smooth process prior to us erecting the building. Also, any follow on trades, such as electrics and plumbing, will haveaccess to our detailed steelwork drawings to assist their works.

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