What is cold rolled steel?

As the name implies, cold rolled steel is galvanised steel, which is rolled or formed when cold into the section sizes and shapes required. This contrasts with the traditional hot rolled structural steel, which is formed into the required size and shape through a mill, when hot.

The only real disadvantage of cold rolled steel is size limitations. Typically, we can’t build higher than 6.5m to eaves, and wider than 20m across the gable end. We have gone higher, and wider, but not both simultaneously. The buildings can be any length.

Every LGS Projects cold rolled steel frame building is a unique, bespoke and precision engineered solution.

If you would like more information about our cold rolled steel framed buildings and the services we provide, please contact us today and speak to a member of our team.

The main advantages of cold rolled steel are:

  1. Usually far less foundation required.
  2. No heavy plant or cranes required.
  3. A brighter, more attractive internal finish.
  4. Faster lead times. Typically, we can be on site six weeks from order placement.
  5. Faster build on site.
  6. Precision engineered off site, so no welding or wet trades.

The benefits which result from this are as follows:​

  1. Faster return on investment.
  2. Sites with poor ground can be viable for a cold rolled building.
  3. Ability to build on very tight sites.
  4. Far less disruption to existing or neighbouring businesses.
  5. Better for the environment, with less waste, less concrete, fewer deliveries, no heavy plant, no welding or wet trades and shorter build time.
  6. A more attractive ‘high end’ finish internally.
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