Light industrial units (Cheshire)

Our client owns and operates a thriving business park in Cheshire. He wanted to build six additional industrial units in a terrace.

The building was 58m long and 25m wide at the widest part, and 5m to eaves. It also narrowed to a wedge at one end. So quite a complex shape. We were fortunate enough to win the business and designed supplied and installed one of our cold rolled steel frames, together with cladding insulated to full building regs. We also install partitioning to divide the building into individual units.

In addition to being complex, the site was tight in terms of space and was on a very busy business park, so our cold rolled steel system was ideal requiring no heavy plant or cranes and causing minimal disruption.

The finished building looks stunning. We are delighted that we were awarded a second contract to build a smaller building by the client, and one of the tenants on the business park have also awarded LGS a contract to build 7 industrial units for them close by.

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